Pharmacy Claims To Take The Pain Out Of Paying For Prescriptions

Friday, September 22nd 2006, 10:34 am
By: News On 6

Wal-Mart plans to sell 300 generic drugs as cheap as $4 apiece through a pilot program in Florida. But what about drug discounts in Oklahoma?

News on 6 anchor Terry Hood takes us to a Tulsa pharmacy that claims to take the pain out of paying for prescriptions.

GenScripts opened in June and customers tell the News on 6, they're saving 50 percent or more on their medications. GenScripts only serves patients who pay for their prescriptions out of pocket. They don't accept Medicare or insurance. Owner and Pharmacist Mark Wright says that helps keep the costs low.

Wright says many Oklahomans can't afford prescription insurance, or their insurance co-pays cost more than the drugs themselves. That's why he started his own pharmacy. Since he's only been open a couple months, most of his customers are first-time visitors.

Lori Dugger came in to fill a prescription that usually cost her $58 at another pharmacy. At GenScripts, she got her prescription filled for $29, exactly half price. "You just wouldn't understand. So now maybe we'll have a few extra grocery monies at the end of the month instead of not. So this will be a life-saver for us."

Mark Wright: "It's pretty much pioneer. We know of a similar concept in Louisiana, and another one we've been made aware of down in Dallas, but in Oklahoma, we think we're the first.”

GenScripts is located at 3980 South Hudson in Tulsa. You can reach them at (918) 828-9696.