Outpouring Of Support At Tulsa Marine Corporal's Funeral

Friday, September 15th 2006, 10:59 am
By: News On 6

Graveside services honoring fallen Tulsa Marine were held at Floral Haven Cemetery. As hundreds of mourners made their way to the burial site they saw they were not alone in their grief.

News on 6 reporter Heather Lewin was at the cemetery and what struck family members and friends, was the outpouring of support they saw as they traveled to Corporal Shoemaker's final resting place.

Hundreds of people, who likely didn't even know Jared Shoemaker, lined the streets as his casket passed. The Ford glass plant shut downs operations and flew a flag to honor the fallen Marine. Family friend John Evans: "It was unbelievable, just the traffic coming out here, the people lining the highway with flags saluting, the police at attention. Jared would've had no idea."

He was buried with full military honors, befitting both a Marine and police officer. Family friend Rosalind Cook: "he had a heart to serve and protect he was made for what he did. This is such a great tribute to his life."

A series of flyovers offered a salute from the air, the missing man formation symbolizing the one who won't be coming home. John Evans: "He was very low key, but loved his family and church and God, he would've been totally surprised at this, believe me." Rosalind Cook: "Brought his parents so much joy, which we know we'll miss because, they're gonna miss it so terribly."

John Evans: "We know were he is, he's with the Lord and he's in a much better place." Jared Shoemaker had just joined the Tulsa Police Department when he was called to serve his country in Iraq.

The 29-year old Marine leaves behind a wife, parents, siblings and countless friends. He was due to come home from the war in October.