A US Marine from Coweta killed in Iraq

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005, 4:54 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoman has become the latest casualty of war in Iraq. US Marine Sergeant James Graham of Coweta was killed by a suicide bomber. And that has his family and friends mourning the loss of a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice.

News on 6 Anchor Craig Day says Graham was a husband, a father of two. A man loved by his family. James Graham III trained with the Anti Tank Company in Broken Arrow.

The US Marine Corps says Graham was killed in the Al Anbar Province in Iraq. He was conducting combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The military isn't releasing any further details, but attacks on US troops are common in the predominantly Sunni Muslim western province that borders Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Graham lived in Coweta. He left Oklahoma for Camp Pendleton in January. Then it was on to Iraq to take part in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The News on 6 talked with Sergeant Graham's family in Coweta back in January. They shared their concerns at that time about the dangers he faced. His mother said as an only child his deployment was tough for them, but they knew they had to be strong for him because he had a job to do. And Graham's wife said being a US Marine is something he wanted to do. He wanted to serve his country. Graham was only 25.

Graham was killed while conducting combat operations near Hit, Iraq.

The military asked the media not to contact Graham's family so they have time to grieve. The News on 6 is honoring that request.

Funeral arrangements are pending.