Sand Springs Vision 2025 update

Thursday, February 2nd 2006, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

Some hold outs might delay the purchase of some land targeted for buyout in Sand Springs. Its part of the Vision 2025 plan for Sand Springs, where the city wants to buy up 25 acres and redevelop it.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says the area in question is in an area that the city wants to buy out and bulldoze, then have developers move in with new stores. But not everyone is willing to sell just yet.

The bulk of the property is run down homes and many of them are already abandoned. There are a few businesses. The owner of a muffler store doesn't like the offer he's been given, about $100,000 for his shop and the land. He wants much more - so the question for Sand Springs will be whether there's enough money to finish the buyout.

Sand Springs city manager Loy Calhoun: “we don't know that yet, we were allocated about $14.5-million for the project, so at this point, we have to say we believe there is.”

The neighborhood has 151 properties on 25 acres, most of them run down homes, some of them empty and abandoned. The city says it's made deals for 60 pieces of land, including the First Baptist Church property in the center of the 25 acre redevelopment area.

Loy Calhoun: "Offer was made, and the church countered and the city accepted their counter."

Another church, Centennial Baptist, has an offer it hasn't accepted - and it hasn't made a counter offer. The city says there are no plans, yet, to condemn the land.

And one real sticking point is a school on the corner of the 25 acres. The city made them an offer, which is much less than the replacement cost of the building, and the school board isn't eager to take anything less than full value. They're set to discuss it at next Monday's school board meeting.

To find more information about Vision 2025, check out their website.