Claremore High School senior makes perfect score

Tuesday, January 31st 2006, 10:38 am
By: News On 6

When was the last time you experienced perfection? A perfect gift, the perfect parking space, or the perfect date.

News on 6 Reporter Rick Wells has discovered a Claremore High School senior whose test scores were simply perfect. Claremore High School senior Race Clark was in Tulsa Tuesday morning for a breakfast meeting of Executive Women International. He's their scholarship winner and he talked to scholarship candidates about his experience. "It won me $5,000 last year for my first year of college."

He also finished second nationally, got another $6,000. So where is Race going to use it? "I've applied to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Stanford, TU and OSU." Quite a list.

We saw something in the paper about perfect SAT scores. He says it was really SAT II subject tests, still perfect right? "Whenever I got back the perfect 800's I was astounded, but that's the way things work out I guess." Astounded, because the tests were in American history and math. Subjects he hadn't taken in more than a year.

An hour or so later, after a change of clothes, he's back at Claremore High School, working with the student council on a fundraiser. "We just need to decide what to do is that your first choice, what's your second choice, cause we need to get this done."

One of his counselors Jeannie Cale told the News on 6, Race Clark is truly unique. "We just feel fortunate that he attends our school." She said he's taken five advance placement tests and ‘aced’ all five. As far as she knows that's never happened at Claremore High School before.

Beyond academics he's well rounded and well grounded. "Academically, socially, personally, he has it all."High praise for a high school senior.

While we were at Claremore High School, one of his classmates said, ‘you know he's really smart.’ Yes, I've heard.

Race Clark isn't sure what his career choice will be. He says it depends on where he goes to school.