The number of armed robberies of individuals are up in Tulsa

Wednesday, January 11th 2006, 10:12 am
By: News On 6

A rash of robberies in Tulsa has police concerned. Tulsa has had more than 70 personal robberies since December 1st.

In almost 50 of those cases, victims were threatened with guns, knives, even sticks. In the others, robbers ganged up and strong-armed their victims.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says as fast as Tulsa Police arrest robbery suspects, more keep popping up.

Detectives tell the News on 6, most of these robbers are young people who run around in packs, usually, between 6 and 15 in a group.

Misty Meadows was threatened Tuesday in a parking lot at work. She was stabbed when she refused to hand over any money. Misty Meadows: "He was drunk or something. He lost balance and somehow he got back up and stabbed me with it. I got the knife away from him, threw it out the other side of the car, and he took off behind those businesses."

Tulsa Police Sgt Dave Walker, Tulsa Police: "There is no guarantee giving them the money is going to stop them. It's a violent crime and these kids are violent people."

Tulsa Police say always be aware of your surroundings. Always call 911 if you see anything suspicious.

Catching criminals early can prevent you or others from becoming victims.