Hubbard's Cupboard is overflowing

Wednesday, December 14th 2005, 10:49 am
By: News On 6

The malls are full of shoppers with less than two weeks left until Christmas. There are also plenty of good bargains to be had just off the beaten path.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells stopped in at Hubbard's Cupboard, a thrift store near downtown Tulsa and met people finding just about everything they need for the holiday.

“It's got to be a very special button." Tabatha Cornish is looking for a button at Hubbard's Cupboard.

Hubbard's Cupboard is a thrift store operated by Reaching Hands, a non profit group that helps homebound seniors. Unlike Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, this place is jammed full.

"This isn't all of it; this may be a tenth of it." Kirk Rogers is the executive director of Reaching Hands. He says they have to rotate stuff seasonally, lots of coats out right now.

I found one of those down vests. Kirk Rogers: "How's it fit?" Rick Wells: "It's a little tight, just like one of my old Army uniforms."

Here is something unique. Kirk Rogers: "It's a woman's tuxedo, a tuxedo jacket with shorts." Size 12 if you're looking.

They have books and dishes, ice skates and pictures. What's the most unusual thing right now, it's this. Kirk Rogers: "that electric golf cart out front is probably the strangest thing I've got right now." Rick Wells: "Does it work?" Kirk Rogers: "when the battery's charged up it does."

The store has lots and lots of Christmas things. A customer found several boxes of Christmas candles. They have Santa's big and small, even a Christmas mouse.

Tabatha and Scott Synar weren't specifically shopping for Christmas, in fact they had thought they'd skip it this year, but then they found some stockings and ornaments. Tabatha Synar: "Swans, they're so pretty." And Swans.

There was a tree out front, one with built in lights, for $10. That and the other things totaled about $35, off they go to decorate.

Christmas truly is where you find it. Hubbard's Cupboard is located at 1622 South Boston. They are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM.