4 To Fix the County vote

Friday, December 9th 2005, 11:43 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa County voters head to the polls next week to decide on a county wide issue, 4 To Fix the County.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says for the most part, city officials from across the county are in favor of the proposal, but he adds, there is some opposition to the issue.

Every Chamber of Commerce in Tulsa County backs the "4 To Fix" vote - because every town gets a little piece of the pie.

Ruth Littlefield with the Jenks Chamber of Commerce: "For Jenks this is huge, it's got some road improvements in it that our town could not do without this vote."

It's a program probably best known for many of the improvements at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds, but it also paid for smaller projects, like this community center in Bixby, and for parks and roads projects.

Even the opponents of the new tax think it's done some good. David McKinney with www.dotheriverfirst.com: "We only have so much tax money to go around." But David McKinney thinks this round of "4 To Fix" should be focused on the developing the Arkansas River. "And the only question is whether four to fix the county is the best list of projects when we have a marvelous economic development opportunity right here with a great plan and no money to pursue it"

4 to Fix commercial: "It's amazing what we've accomplished working together We've improved our roads, our parks, our county.”

The backers of "4 To Fix" started running ads promoting the positive work done so far. The new tax would be the same two-twelfths of a cent as the old one, extended for another five years, if voters approve.

And another group opposed the "4 to Fix" plan because it uses sales tax. The South Tulsa Citizens Coalition South Tulsa Citizens Coalition [www.thestcc.com] believes voters shouldn't let the county continue to tap into sales tax because the city needs it more.

For details on the 4 To Fix planned projects visit www.4tofix.info.