Spielberg Film Looks at Munich Olympics

Monday, November 28th 2005, 12:32 pm
By: News On 6

NEW YORK (AP) _ Steven Spielberg is taking on terror. His latest film, ``Munich,'' centers on the aftermath of the killings of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.

``I don't think any movie or any book or any work of art can solve the stalemate in the Middle East today,'' Spielberg tells Time magazine in its Dec. 12 issue. ``But it's certainly worth a try.''

Eric Bana (``Troy'') stars as a Mossad agent who leads a secret Israeli squad assigned to assassinate 11 Palestinians suspected of planning the killings.

``We don't demonize our targets,'' Spielberg says. ``They're individuals. They have families. Although what happened in Munich, I condemn.''

Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner would not reveal the identity of the man Bana portrays, whom they interviewed at length.

``There is something about killing people at close range that is excruciating,'' Spielberg tells the magazine. ``It's bound to try a man's soul.''

``Munich'' co-stars Geoffrey Rush, Daniel Craig and Mathieu Kassovitz. It is due out Dec. 23.