Oklahoma City Man Arrested On Cockfighting Complaints

Wednesday, June 21st 2006, 5:56 am
By: News On 6

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- 61 chickens and magazine articles about cockfighting were among the items confiscated at a southeast-side residence where neighbors suspected the fowl were doing more than laying eggs.

Police arrested Adrian Gaona, 32, on complaints of instigating and encouraging cockfighting, maintaining a place and equipment used for cockfighting and owning or keeping birds for cockfighting, police Sgt. Gary Knight said Tuesday.

Besides the birds and articles, animal vitamins and supplements and a trophy with a rooster on top were found when a search warranted was executed.

Police also took 30 knife-edged gaffs, which often are tied to roosters' legs during cockfights so they can cut each other.

John Earle said after seeing men at his neighbor's house holding up chickens and getting them to peck each other, he called police.

"They told me they had 40 roosters, but only four hens," said Earle, 55. "And that just doesn't make sense."

According to the affidavit, animal welfare officers visited the home May 24 and spoke with an unidentified man who told them he owned the birds and knew they were used for cockfighting.

Authorities went to the house again June 6 and saw that holding pens for chickens were being built.

Earle said he had spoken to the men building the pens and told them cockfighting was illegal.

"I could hear the nail guns and saw them building the pens," Earle said.