3-Month-Old Boy Has Life-Threatening Injuries After Abuse In Rogers Co.

Thursday, February 13th 2020, 10:12 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A Catoosa baby is in critical condition after the Rogers County Sheriff said the three-month-old boy was abused. 

Sheriff Scott Walton said the three-month-old baby was slammed against a mattress and is currently fighting for his life in a hospital. 

"We know the next few hours or days will be critical to see if that child will survive," said Sheriff Scott Walton.

Sheriff Walton said a call came in on Wednesday of a three-month-old baby suffering seizures but says Catoosa police realized the little boy had likely been abused at a home in the Spunky Creek neighborhood. 

“Certainly plenty of concern a crime had been committed, the crime being child abuse," Walton said.

The Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation. Walton said it appears the baby was slammed against a mattress twice.

“All indications show the child was thrown onto a mattress," Walton said. "It wasn’t on the bed frame, it was on the floor.”

He said the baby suffered a brain bleed and swelling, injuries that Neonatal critical nurse Lindsey Green said could cause death or lifetime effects like not being able to breathe or eat on their own.

"With a child this young, the risk of long term impact is very high," said Green.

Walton said no arrests have been made but they’re still investigating.

“We don’t wanna get hasty and file a charge too quickly,” he said.

"It’s our duty to protect everyone, especially those that can't take care of themselves," said Walton. 

He said they are working diligently with several agencies to make an arrest soon.

","published":"2020-02-14T04:12:19.000Z","updated":"2020-02-14T05:24:26.000Z","summary":"A Catoosa baby is in critical condition after the Rogers County Sheriff said the 3-month-old boy was abused.