Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

Wednesday, August 7th 2019, 8:11 pm
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By: Madison Troyer

Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

The first modern-day dog show took place in June 1859 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tacked on to the yearly cattle show, the attraction featured only sporting breeds like pointers and setters. By the end of the century, after dog-owning became more fashionable and owners developed a more intense desire to show off their beloved pets, dog shows would become a hugely popular pastime. The first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was held in New York City in 1977, followed two years later by the first National Dog Show in Philadelphia. These shows served to popularize certain breeds of dogs, like the wire fox retriever, the labrador retriever, and the golden retriever.

Today, dog shows aren’t nearly as fashionable as they once were. Aside from a small group of devoted fans who religiously tune in, they’re largely ignored in favor of more exciting sporting events. But that doesn’t mean that the general public is any less infatuated with their four-legged friends; they’ve just switched platforms.

Instagram has become the go-to place for dog lovers. The social media platform is to 2019 what professional dog shows were to the late 1800s. Because of the personal nature of the platform, scrollers can connect with and “stan”  individual dogs rather than whole breeds. Some of these dogs have become so popular they’ve become “pet influencers,” bringing in thousands of dollars creating content for brands and uploading sponsored posts.

Stacker has rounded up 50 of these popular and well-known dog accounts. The accounts have been ranked by the total number of followers they had as of July 29, 2019 (ties were broken by the exact number of followers). From fluffy Pomeranians to elderly mutts, celebrity dogs, and pugs with extensive closets, these accounts are all worth a scroll, follow, and several likes.

Editor's note: Not all dogs pictured are the actual dogs from the Instagram accounts highlighted in this slideshow. 

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Grigorita Ko // Shutterstock

#50. @burrito_the_corgi

- Number of Instagram followers: 13k

Corgis have long been famous as the favorite pooches of Queen Elizabeth II, but @burrito_the_corgi is helping to introduce the Instagram generation to this breed. Burrito, who has been on Instagram since he was a pup, can be found exploring Austin, Texas. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed] 


#49. @dagger

- Number of Instagram followers: 14.8k

Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang (@dagger) is one of several Pomeranians on this list. Dagger, the "fur son" of @jayzombie and @acarboni, resides in the Los Angeles area. 

[Pictured: @dagger] 

Jonathan Byrne // Shutterstock

#48. @lil_rufio

- Number of Instagram followers: 15.3k

A cross between a Pomeranian and a husky is known as a Pomsky. With all the handsomeness of a stately sled-dog packed into a pint-sized frame, Rufio Maximus Fauria (@lil_rufio) has got swagger to burn: He is a serious world traveler who you can see posted up from Arizona mountaintops to the Bahamas.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

Viktoriia Kotliarchuk // Shutterstock

#47. @lillyandthehairless

- Number of Instagram followers: 18.5k

The account's namesake, Lilly, a Pekingese-terrier mix with an incredibly expressive face, died at 15 years old on April 15, 2019. However, @lillyandthehairless lives on with Lilly's siblings: Malthe, a (mostly) hairless Chinese-crested dog, and Gustav, a hairless sphynx cat. 

[Pictured: Dog of the same breed] 


#46. @lucyfarted

- Number of Instagram followers: 19.3k

Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) is a pooch with more than enough personality to rock the bulldog underbite. She a big fan of headwear, especially party hats.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

space_heater // Shutterstock

#45. @hermessv

- Number of Instagram followers: 19.4k

Hermes (@hermessv) is a striking long-haired Chihuahua who resides in Austria. Hermes' mom shares some beautiful shots of her prized pup, and stars alongside Hermes in many shots.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed] 


#44. @baby.beckham

- Number of Instagram followers: 34.7k

This smiley, white fluffball is a Samoyed, a breed of large herding dog that was used as a sled-dog in Siberia for many years. @baby.beckham, born May 10, 2013, spends time exploring the outdoors and being a big brother to a human baby. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#43. @_wand_wand

- Number of Instagram followers: 71.8k

Two Berlin-based dogs named Yji Miyagi and Viktor are the subject of @_wand_wand. These dogs are all-white whippets, often photographed on white backgrounds or in beautiful landscapes.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Rossrs // Wikimedia Commons

#42. @bear_rexha

- Number of Instagram followers: 80.9k

Bebe Rexha’s dog Bear (@bear_rexha) is her travel companion and “soothes” the singer after her shows. Bear was one of the dogs in competition for the iHeartRadio Music Award for cutest musician’s pet, which is decided by social voting.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Mary Swift // Shutterstock

#41. @sometimescarl

- Number of Instagram followers: 87.4k

The only pitbull on the list is Chase, who apparently goes by Carl when he’s acting particularly weird, which explains the account name: @sometimescarl. Chase calls NYC and New Jersey home and keeps his foster siblings company while they wait for their own forever homes. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#40. @corgnelius

- Number of Instagram followers: 90k

Few pups are more cuddly than this pair of corgis, Corgnelius and Stumphrey (@corgnelius). They look so much alike, it’s almost impossible for anyone but their puppy parents to tell them apart. 

[Pictured: @corgnelius]


#39. @minniemaxpugs

- Number of Instagram followers: 113k

Litter-mates Minnie and Max’s head-tilting video went viral on “Good Morning America" in late 2008. Today, the duo use their platform (@minniemaxpugs), and their iconic red and green vests, to advocate for pug and dog adoption. 

[Pictured: @minniemaxpugs]

Dmitry Kalinovsky // Shutterstock

#38. @brussels.sprout

- Number of Instagram followers: 138k

No stranger to sweaters, turtlenecks, bowties, and denim jackets, Sprout (@brussels.sprout) is a Brussels griffon living in New York City. Sprout made an appearance at PetCon LA in June 2019 for a meet-and-greet.  

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#37. @poochofnyc

- Number of Instagram followers: 143k

Agador, aka the “Bob Ross of dogs,” lives in New York City. This small poodle mix is often dapperly dressed and photographed in humanlike poses. Fans can also follow @poochofnyc's brother: @littlefreddietinkles

[Pictured: @poochofnyc]


#36. @kingkingsley_

- Number of Instagram followers: 147k

The “King of Dachshunds,” Kingsley’s Instagram account (@kingkingsley_) has documented his everyday life from his puppy days to his new position as a big brother. His little sister, Molly Moo, a deaf double dapple, also makes frequent appearances on Kingsley’s account. If Kingsley's near-daily posts aren’t satisfying your itch for cuteness, you can pick up his series of three coffee table books: “Sausage Dogs of the World” (5% of profits are donated to the animal welfare group RSPCA).

[Pictured: @kingkingsley_]

praditkhorn somboonsa // Shutterstock

#35. @trotterpup

- Number of Instagram followers: 179k

Trotter’s humans Sonya and Zack aren’t afraid to dress her up in whatever thematic outfit comes to mind. The French bulldog (@trotterpup) is often photographed alongside her human sibling, Evelyn, her French bulldog brother Winter. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#34. @ifitwags

- Number of Instagram followers: 229k

Two rescued pointers, Henry and Gus, are the furry faces of @ifitwags. The duo are photographed by their human, Steph—who is a professional photographer—often alongside their human sister, Olive.

[Pictured: @ifitwags]


#33. @winstonthewhitecorgi

- Number of Instagram followers: 232k

Winston’s bio identifies him as “the unicorn of Corgis. Unicorgi.” The all-white 7 year old corgi loves being outside and recently underwent tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy surgery on both legs to stabilize his joints. His human posts all of his rehab accomplishments on his Instagram account (@winstonthewhitecorgi). 

[Pictured: @winstonthewhitecorgi]

Javier Brosch // Shutterstock

#32. @missasiaxoxo

- Number of Instagram followers: 233k

Lady Gaga’s Frenchie Asia (@missasiaxoxo) was shared by Gaga and her ex-fianc Taylor Kinney, but it seems that the singer now has full custody. This little Frenchie is endlessly doted on by her mom, and loves to pose in fun hats and outfits for her Instagram following. She even has starred in a Coach campaign.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Alexander Ashikhmin // Shutterstock

#31. @digbyvanwinkle

- Number of Instagram followers: 250k

Digby and Alo (@digbyvanwinkle) are Brussels griffon brothers who live in Wellington, New Zealand. Brussels griffons have often been cited as the inspiration for the Ewoks in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” franchise. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#30. @samsonthedood

- Number of Instagram followers: 255k

Samson (@samsonthedood) has more than doubled his Instagram followers since earning a feature in Town & Country magazine back in 2015. In July 2019, Samson's humans brought home two of his offspring, Charley and Shea, to live with them. 

[Pictured: @samsonthedood]


#29. @deanthebasset

- Number of Instagram followers: 255k

Dean (@deanthebasset), a 5-year-old basset hound living in Toronto can often be found traveling, from adventures in Chicago to strolling on the Santa Monica Pier. Dean has been featured by Time, Vice, Rolling Stone, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Glamour, and BuzzFeed. 

[Pictured: @deanthebasset]


#28. @3bulldogges

- Number of Instagram followers: 283k

Sumo, a 6-year-old French bulldog, is the star of this family-run account, but his four adopted Frenchie siblings—Tonka, Ayumi, Mochi, and Zuko—often make guest appearances. Catch these sweet siblings doing everything from the bottle cap challenge to playing Twister to showing off their best swimwear on one of Instagram’s silliest pet accounts (@3bulldogges).

[Pictured: @3bulldogges]


#27. @dognamedstella

- Number of Instagram followers: 288k

Stella (@dognamedstella) is an English lab with a big personality. She’s a fan of eating apples and isn’t afraid to get rowdy in the snow; she is based in Maine, so she has access to wintery precipitation. 

[Pictured: @dognamedstella]


#26. @aspenthemountainpup

- Number of Instagram followers: 291k

You can catch Aspen (@aspenthemountainpup) hiking, camping, and kayaking with his owners, Hunter and Sarah, all over Colorado. The Golden retriever is an outdoor aficionado, and his photographer parents capture how much this good boy loves each and every season.

[Pictured: @aspenthemountainpup]


#25. @susiesseniordogs

- Number of Instagram followers: 305k

Older dogs tend to be overlooked in favor of younger, cuter puppies, but Susie’s Senior Dogs (@susiesseniordogs) is looking to change that. The 501(c)(3) organization uses their Instagram platform to bring attention to older dogs who are in need of a home. The account has highlighted thousands of different dogs who are available for adoption. These cuties have large personalities, lots of love to give, and are certain to tug at your heartstrings. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Best dog photo // Shutterstock

#24. @dogmeetsworld

- Number of Instagram followers: 340k

Muppet, Cheese, and Crumb (@dogmeetsworld) are sisters to the late, but legendary, @toastmeetsworld. The Cavalier King Charles spaniels are all puppy mill rescues, meaning they were once bred for profit. These days the ladies’ lives are much more joyful, but they remain fierce advocates for ending puppy mills and promoting rescues.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Kozub Vasyl // Shutterstock

#23. @bearcoat_tonkey

- Number of Instagram followers: 341k

Tonkey and Max (@bearcoat_tonkey) are a sweet couple of partners in crime, but it’s Tonkey who steals the show here. Tonkey, a bear-coat Shar Pei, has a soft, long coat, differing from most Shar Peis' coarse, short coats. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

EkaterinaSid // Shutterstock

#22. @mensweardog

- Number of Instagram followers: 377k

This Shiba Inu (@mensweardog) takes his costume game to the next level, and more than 300,000 followers can’t get enough. You can catch this pooch rocking hipster shades or a denim jacket—you’ll just rarely catch him looking like, well, a dog.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Elena Vasilchenko // Shutterstock

#21. @normieandbambijenner

- Number of Instagram followers: 421k

The Kardashian-Jenners are known for their many pets, but Insta-famous Norman and Bambi Jenner (@normieandbambijenner), owned by Kylie Jenner, are the most famous dogs in the household. The pair had pups, making Jenner a grandmother to a rambunctious family.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

VDB Photos // Shutterstock

#20. @barkleysircharles

- Number of Instagram followers: 462k

If you’re in Seattle, keep an eye out for this handsome French bulldog (@barkleysircharles). Barkley is a big brother to his little human sister, and is often photographed alongside her and her toys. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

SubertT // Shutterstock

#19. @buddyboowaggytails

- Number of Instagram followers: 593k

Featuring not one, not two, but six dogs @buddyboowaggytails. Boo, a famously fluffy Pomeranian often dubbed “the world’s cutest dog,” was the star of the show until his passing in early 2019. These days his siblings—Buddy, Bluebeary Pie, Benny, Baby Girl, and Bean—star alongside their adorable human siblings in these curated shots of everyday life.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Fusekle // Shutterstock

#18. @andrewknapp

- Number of Instagram followers: 640k

Photographer Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) travels the world with his furry friend, Momo, and chronicles their adventures on this account. You can see Andrew and Momo everywhere from Madrid to Vancouver. The best pics are the #findmomo ones, where you locate the sweet border collie hidden in landscapes.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Nikolai Tsvetkov // Shutterstock

#17. @lokistagram

- Number of Instagram followers: 714k

You get three dogs—and a hamster, Ham—for the price of one with this account. Loki, Bear, and Momo (@lokistagram), have some seriously photogenic chemistry. While Loki lived with his owners all his life, Bear and Momo were adopted. Momo was actually one of many foster dogs. Superfans of this account can buy 2019 calendars featuring the furry siblings.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#16. @norbertthedog

- Number of Instagram followers: 806k

The 3-pound mixed breed was the only puppy in his litter and, after he had been adopted, was trained by his human to serve as a therapy dog. Norbert (@norbertthedog) makes regular appearances at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, has his own children’s book, “Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?” and a life-sized plush toy modeled after him. The tiny dog has even made dozens of television appearances and been profiled by the likes of Time and People magazine.

[Pictured: @norbertthedog]

Jaromir Chalabala // Shutterstock


- Number of Instagram followers: 828k

Golden retriever brothers ( Watson and Kiko have a touching story. Watson was adopted as a puppy and has lived his whole life with his owner, Jenny, while older brother Kiko only joined the family a few years ago. Kiko suffers from anxiety and has often leaned on Watson for support and confidence. It’s a bond that’s only deepened since Kiko was diagnosed with cancer and lost one of his front legs. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Lukas Maverick Greyson // Shutterstock

#14. @manny_the_frenchie

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.1m

"Philanthro-pup" @manny_the_frenchie is the face of Manny & Friends Foundation, a 501(c)(3) based in Chicago. The organization was created to help both animal and human causes, such as raising funds for animal shelters in need of support. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Heather Barrett // Shutterstock

#13. @thiswildidea

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.3m

Head over to this account (@thiswildidea) for some professional shots of a redtick coonhound named Maddie and her humans. From Yosemite to the mountains of Colorado, this pup is an adventuresome spirit.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

SeaRick1 // Shutterstock

#12. @henrythecoloradodog

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.3m

A rescue mutt Henry and his rescue cat sister, Baloo, have forged a deep bond and love hiking, camping, and paddleboarding with owners, Cynthia and Andre. Follow this account (@henrythecoloradodog) for some awe-inspiring travel pics.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#11. @harlowandsage

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.7m

Harlow and Sage (@harlowandsage) have turned into Harlow, Sage, Indiana, Reese, and Ezra. Harlow is a silver weimaraner with wide, inquisitive eyes. She’s the big dog in this crew, often filling the role of pillow or big spoon for her smaller siblings.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#10. @mayapolarbear

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.8m

The Instagram account for the Samoyed Maya (@mayapolarbear) features videos that highlight her most human traits, best talents, and innermost thoughts. Maya also has an active YouTube channel, where she is the star of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos, aka "MayASMR." 

[Pictured: @mayapolarbear]

Michael Mong // Shutterstock

#9. @marniethedog

- Number of Instagram followers: 1.9m

At 17 years old, Marnie (@marniethedog) is one of the most senior dogs you’ll see on this list, but she’s got all the spunk in the world. She’s a scruffy Shih Tzu, whose tongue is always hanging out, and who occasionally takes photos with celebs like Demi Moore and Bob Saget.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]


#8. @lil_moo_and_thor

- Number of Instagram followers: 2m

While social media star Jake Paul’s Instagram account for his two puppy pals, Lil’ Moo and Thor, only has 80 posts, it has well over 2 million followers. The account (@lil_moo_and_thor) features artsy shots of the puppies alongside YouTube royalty like Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul. Controversially, the account still features pictures of Apollo, a Belgian Malinois the YouTuber gave up after admitting he couldn’t care for it properly.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Bianca Grueneberg // Shutterstock

#7. @loki

- Number of Instagram followers: 2m

Loki (@loki) is a husky, Arctic wolf, and Malamute mix. He travels regularly with his outdoorsman owner, and his account is filled with striking professional shots.

[Pictured: dog of a similar breed]

Image Alleviation // Shutterstock

#6. @tunameltsmyheart

- Number of Instagram followers: 2.1m

Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) is not short on personality. His face evokes images of the saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat, from "Ice Age," complete with a significant overbite. Tuna is a Chiweenie, a Chihuahua-dachshund mix. 

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

PardoY // Shuttstock

#5. @tecuaniventura

- Number of Instagram followers: 2.2m

Carmel the bulldog (@tecuaniventura) is posed in everything from hard hats to boxing gloves to ponchos and a sombero. Residing in Russia, the Sony Mobile Ambassador Carmel lives with her human, who is a professional photographer.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

// Wikimedia Commons

#4. @marutaro

- Number of Instagram followers: 2.5m

Maru the Shiba Inu (@marutaro) is famous on both sides of the Pacific. Based out of the Bunky suburb of Tokyo, Maru is famous for his perpetual smiles and interspecies friendships.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

MrGarry // Shutterstock

#3. @broleyblue

- Number of Instagram followers: 3.2m

Logan Paul’s dog, King Broley Blue, made his Instagram debut in April 2019. His account, @broleyblue, is actually a continuation of the one that belonged to Paul’s late pooch, Kong Da Savage. Broley Blue, an “exotic Husky,” was actually a gift from a fan, who showed up at Paul’s house with the puppy unannounced.

[Pictured: dog of the same breed]

Caitlinfoley93 // Wikimedia Commons

#2. @itsdougthepug

- Number of Instagram followers: 3.8m

Doug (@itsdougthepug) is a willing subject rocking hats, jackets, and even tiaras for the right photo op or video. Doug, the star of many pop culture spoof videos, such as "Stranger Pugs" and "Pug Story," was even invited to the CMT Music Awards in June 2019.  

[Pictured: @itsdougthepug]

Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

#1. @jiffpom

- Number of Instagram followers: 9.2m

Jiffpom the Pomeranian (@jiffpomcutelife) has her very own toy line, Cutelife, which are available at Walmart and other retailers. Jiffpom is the most famous pup on social media, with more than 30 million followers across multiple channels. 

[Pictured: @jiffpom]

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