What Is Rubber Used for? – Interesting Uses for Rubber

Thursday, February 13th 2020, 3:34 am

By: News On 6

Use of Rubber

Oftentimes we have goods in our home and we don’t have any clue how these goods are actually made!

Rubber is one of those mysterious materials that are surprisingly used in lots of our everyday items. However, you don’t have to wonder “what is rubber used for?” anymore! We are going to break down some of the more common uses of rubber in this article for you.

Industrial Molds

Rubber molds are used in many industries such as the oil industry, boating industry, and the manufacturing industry. Rubber mold making makes it extremely easy to create a perfect replication of any object you need to mass-produce.

The reason that they are so useful is because you can use them with a variety of materials and the rubber won’t budge. Rubber has a high density, is heat resistant, water-resistant, and impact resistant. This means that you won’t damage or warp your mold in any way when using it daily.

Rubber molds are a low-cost way to manufacture many products. They are most commonly used to make car parts, mass-produced art pieces, and jewelry. If you need a mold to make it, a rubber mold is almost always the best choice because of how easy it is to make and use it over and over.

Flotation Devices

With rubber being water-resistant, it makes it perfect for every floatation device. Getting wet does not damage the material and the material is also elastic! This means that it can bend and stretch to the exact size and shape you want, allowing it to be filled with air to keep you afloat in the water!

Rubber is used with inner tubes, lifeboats, life jackets, and many other inflatable devices for any situation. Even the various swim toys and pool lounge rafts that people enjoy in the Summer have large portions of rubber in them.

Without rubber here, we wouldn’t be nearly as safe or have half as much fun when we’re enjoying a weekend boating or swimming with the family!

Rubber Bands

The uses for rubber bands is almost too long to list out! These handy devices are used for nearly everything in the house and office that you can think of. They can do things from help preserve fruit to creating masterful pieces of art!

A quick Google search of rubber band uses comes up with thousands of web pages of quick tips on how to best use your rubber bands!

If you’re scared of your candles falling over, just but a rubber band on the bottom to stabilize it!

Do you need to open a jar? Just wrap a rubber band around the top and you have a perfect grip. If you need to keep your kids out of the cabinets, just spend thirty cents on a bag and start wrapping rubber bands around the handles.

Anybody with hair past their shoulders knows how life-changing the simple rubber band can be to keep hair out of their face!

Most people shockingly have at least 100 rubber bands within 10 feet of them at any one time, and they are the perfect solution for so many problems around the house. We have rubber to thank for these handy items!

Dog Toys

We can’t ignore the love we all have in our hearts for dogs. They are loyal, always happy to see us, and relatively low maintenance.

Aside from dog food and the leash, you’ve bought your dog a dog toy without a doubt. Nearly every dog toy has rubber in it to keep the dog from completely tearing it apart on the first day. Rubber toys also make for fun games of tug of war between your dog and you.

Rubber is safe for your dogs to play with and it will keep you from going back to the store for countless stuffed animals that your dog will tear apart in a minute!

There is no doubt that rubber has made our most loyal friends even happier than they already were. Who could ask anything more from something as simple as rubber?


When we think of clothing, rubber is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, it is actually quite functional for fashion!

Some clothing is purely made of rubber and wouldn’t function without it. Rubber material is difficult to work with, but worth the work it takes to produce some of the most useful products on the market.

One clothing item made from rubber is a protective item, a gas mask!

The fact that rubber is water-resistant, tough and wearable makes it the perfect material to use for this important item.

We also need to thank rubber for making raincoats and rainboots! It also makes clothing items like footwear and swimsuits!

Having a water-proof clothing option for rainy days or occasions on the beach is absolutely essential!


One thing that cannot be overlooked when it comes to rubber is grips! Rubber lines the outside of countless everyday objects.

You probably can’t go one day without the use of a rubber grip. Everyday items like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, gardening tools, kitchen items, and power tools use rubber grips!

These rubber grips allow us to hold onto things better, making items infinitely easier and safer to use. This is such a simple solution, but it truly goes a long way!

What Is Rubber Used For? Pretty Much Anything!

Due to the fact that rubber is affordable, water-resistant, heat resistant and moldable, it is a great material to use in everyday objects!

You probably didn’t realize all of the many ways that rubber makes our lives easier, but now you can quit wondering “What is rubber used for?” and start brainstorming new ways that you can use this material to simplify your life!

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