What Is Moissanite and What Makes It Such a Beautiful Ring Stone?

Saturday, December 21st 2019, 2:41 pm
By: News On 6

Moissanite Ring

Getting married is a big decision, and the ring you choose to symbolize your forever relationship is important. If your fiancée cares about the source of her ring and finding an ethical stone, you may want to look at other non-diamond options.

If you’ve heard of alternative engagement rings, you may be wondering, “What is moissanite?” Here is an answer to that question, along with some tips for using it as your engagement ring.

What Is Moissanite and How Does It Compare to Other Gems?

Moissanite as you find it today is a diamond ring alternative created in a lab to carry the same brilliance and clarity as diamonds. Its natural state is very rare, a gem formed from a meteorite and discovered by Henri Moissan in the 1800s. Most moissanite stones today have the same look and feel as diamonds, with the guarantee of an ethical stone.

The stone ranks a 9.25 on the hardness scale, compared to the 10 that diamonds earn. It’s second only to diamonds and can withstand scratching and other potential damage. This makes moissanite is a popular choice for the central stone in an engagement ring.

Beautiful Qualities for a Ring Stone

Besides the hardness, moissanite retains the colorless quality that diamonds have. If you’re looking for the classic, bright white clarity of a diamond without risking buying a blood diamond, moissanite is a good solution.

Diamonds have a brown or yellow tint, their natural base color. Both moissanite and diamond stones show less color the smaller they are, which means the white flashes (or brilliance) you see in the light will stand out more.

Moissanite and diamonds also have fire, or colored flashes that show in the light. Moissanite has more of these than diamonds do, although depending on the cut of the stone, you may not notice a difference. A round cut or radiant cut showcases the brilliance and fire of a diamond the most, so they will appear most similar to a moissanite stone’s sparkle.

The Value of a Stone

One of the reasons diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings is their immense value. They’re one of the most expensive gems, if not the most valuable. Their precious nature symbolizes the intense love of someone proposing.

Yet not everyone can afford to purchase diamonds. Choosing moissanite engagement rings means you can give your love a ring that showcases your intense love and desire to be together forever, without breaking the bank. Per carat, moissanite gems cost less than diamonds.

Symbol of Love

The choice is clear between moissanite and diamonds. Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is moissanite?” you can pick one that your partner will love.

From dazzling options with a small center stone to larger more enchanting settings, a moissanite stone will steal the show and stop her heart. Choose an ethical diamond alternative today.

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