Oklahoma Primary Care Provider Sets Up Drive-Thru Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

Tuesday, March 17th 2020, 6:13 pm
By: News On 6

A primary care provider with three locations in Green Country is setting up drive thru flu and COVID-19 testing.

People can’t just show up though, there is a process they need to go through first. During your scheduled appointment time, you will drive into a designated parking area and wait in your car for a medical professional to come to you.

“We try not to have well patients even parking or there at the same time. We have it separated at every clinic," said Jennifer Mangum with Access Solutions Medical Group.

Here is the process. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, employees ask you to call one of their offices in Tulsa, Sand Springs or Okmulgee. Tell the nurse your symptoms. They will follow CDC and Health Department guidelines and if you meet the criteria, they will schedule an appointment for you. You show up and a medical professional comes out to you.

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"First run a flu test so we can rule that out because the symptoms are so close. If they do have the flu, they are able to skype with our doctors and be treated and if they are not diagnosed with the flu then at that time, can run the COVID-19 testing," said Mangum.

The results for flu come back the same day. The results for COVID-19 are not immediate. The tests are sent to the state health department. Employees say right now, it is taking about three to four days to get those results back. They also say getting the testing supplies is difficult right now.

"Taking it day by day. Day by day we know how many tests we have, and we are taking it day by day and hoping the next day, we have enough tests to take care of the patients who need it for that day," said Mangum.