McIntosh Co. Deputies Searching For 3 Men Accused Of Robbing, Beating Man

Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 4:48 pm
By: News On 6

A McIntosh County man said three men broke into his house while he was asleep, beat him with a gun and robbed him while his 6-year-old granddaughter was just feet away.

Larry Turney, who lives in Rentiesville, said he’s thankful he’s alive. He said the suspected robbers spent more than 20 minutes and took more than $12,000 and a gun.

Turney said the only reason he didn’t fight off the robbers was to keep his granddaughter safe.

“They had me open this safe first. When I got it open, they shoved me down on the ground there. They were looking through it. The one with the rifle kept asking, ‘where’s the money?’ They told me to get this safe open,” said Turney.

Just minutes before, Turney’s surveillance cameras caught the robbers on video walking toward his house carrying guns.

In the video you can see the men push up the cameras, to avoid being seen, but it didn’t work.

Turney said they tied him up with a phone cord and spent nearly a half hour inside his house.

He said they took more than $12,000 in cash, his wallet, ID, $1,000 in change from his safe, jewelry and a gun.

“I got to thinking they had been so long they are going to kill me,” said Turney. “I kept telling them you can tie me up just what you want and go. I’m not going to do a damn thing just don’t hurt my grand baby. I was worried about my granddaughter.”

Turney said when they left, he got untied and called police.

He said he’s thankful they didn’t hurt his granddaughter.

“I’d just like to see them get off the street. People don’t deserve to go through that. They can hurt me. The money doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’d give another $12,000 to see them go to jail.”

Deputies say they are out looking for the suspects. If you have any information that can help, or you know who the robbers are call the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office at 918-689-2526.