River Parks Authority Reminds People To Follow Physical Distancing Guidelines

Tuesday, April 7th 2020, 4:09 am
By: Joseph Holloway

If you’ve been on the trails lately, you’ve noticed how packed it is because COVID-19 has mostly limited us to outdoor activities.

The River Parks Authority posted on its Facebook page that most people are doing a good job at physical distancing, but some are not and they said it’s making it unsafe for others.

They’re asking people to remember CDC guidelines when you’re on the trails.

For example: only hiking, biking, and running with people who live under the same roof as you and allow room between you and passers-by.

Tonja Carrigg with River Parks Authority said “you do just have to keep reminding yourself to keep your distance, move to the side of the trails when you come to a narrow point or there’s a group of people approaching you or beside you.”

Also, social gatherings outside of your home are banned under the Mayor’s Safer At Home order.

The River Parks Authority said Tulsa Police officers have been monitoring the trails and trying to remind people about that order.