Companies Provide Drive-Thru Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Stations For Metro Residents

Saturday, April 18th 2020, 2:25 pm
By: Hunter McKee

As the task of finding disinfectant or hand sanitizer becomes more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic, two local businesses have stepped up to provide these necessities for metro residents. 

Hundreds of cars waited patiently to get their hands on free disinfectant at Home Maid Better, a house cleaning service in Oklahoma City.

“A lot of store shelves, as soon as they get some in stock, they’re running out again,” Home Maid Better’s Tamara Walker said. “We wanted to do something that we already use that we know is a hospital-grade effective disinfectant.”  

Thanks to support from the city of Mustang, Home Maid Better dispensed the disinfectant in the parking lot of the city’s town center.

The company asked residents to bring their own bottle. Employees from Home Maid Better filled up as many as possible.

“They’re needing those disinfectant supplies that are in short supply,” Walker said. “They’re excited for it and we’re excited to offer this for them.”

Jerry Noles owns an oil field chemical manufacturing company.  He heard people were having a tough time finding hand sanitizer in stores. What he came across online seemed overpriced.

“When I saw that, it absolutely infuriated me that people within our state that when our first responders and other people need this type of material that it’s not available,” Noles said.

The company has manufactured their own sanitizer, so Noles decided to provide a fill-up station in Blanchard.

“We have a responsibility to step up and do everything that we can,” Noles said. “Well this is something that we can do. It’s something we’re going to do and we’ll continue to manufacture it.”