Progress Underway On Union's New Stadium

Friday, May 1st 2020, 10:36 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

Demolition started in January on Union’s new $42 million stadium project.

Union AD Emily Barkley said she has quite the site to behold when she makes her rounds to check in on construction.

"I kind of looked out my window when I came in here today a little bit just to get caught up. They are encasing the new light fixtures that we have up there and brick facade,” Barkley said.

What used to be the press box at Union-Tuttle Stadium is now a giant hole.

On the east side of the stadium new bleachers have been placed in hopes of having a rowdy fan base to cheer from this fall.

"I just can imagine having a school year without it. It's what we know and what we do. I would love to see us get back those things those extracurricular and co circular things that really make us enjoy that high school experience,” Barkley said.

keeping up the joneses is the mantra of high school in Oklahoma these days and Union is looking to move to the front of the class.

"We are very fortunate that our patrons voted on this in the bond issue, and we are able to see it through. I think it would be very comparable to some of the really elite ones that are down there in Texas as well,” Barkley said.