Tulsa County Courthouse Reopening Tuesday, Some Offices Still Closed

Monday, May 4th 2020, 4:46 am
By: Amy Avery


The Tulsa County Courthouse is opening back up for business on Tuesday. County Commissioners passed a resolution back in April to close the courthouse until midnight on May 5th. So on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. they plan to reopen to the public.

Even though the courthouse is reopening Tuesday, staff here are still encouraging people to call or do business electronically if they can so they can limit the amount of people inside. 

You’re also encouraged to call first because even though the courthouse is reopening, as some offices inside will remain closed. 

Tulsa County District Courts are still closed through May 15, 2020, at the direction of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. 

Courthouse staff say most departments can conduct business online or over the phone; so, they’re encouraging people to continue doing that during this initial reopening phase and use coming here to the actual courthouse as a last resort. 

Visitors are also encouraged to wear masks and will be required to answer a series of questions from Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputies before entering. 

Some of those questions include: have you been in contact with someone who is sick, do you have symptoms, have you traveled outside of Oklahoma, and a few others. 

They say they’ve also enhanced their cleaning procedures inside. 

Tulsa county officials say they are continuing to monitor the situation and will evaluate the need for changes through out this process. 

Courthouse phone numbers:

Administrative Services, 918-596-5882 
Board of County Commissioners, 918-596-5004
Building Operations, 918-596-5501 
City-County Library, 918-549-7323 
Court Clerk, 918-596-5000, tulsa.courtclerk@oscn.net
Court Services, 918-596-5795
County Assessor, 918-596-5100, assessor@tulsacounty.org
County Clerk, 918-596-5801 
County Treasurer, 918-596-5071
District Attorney, 918-596-4805, districtattorney@tulsacounty.org  
District Court Administrator, 918-596-5400
Election Board, 918-596-5780 
Engineering and Highway Construction, 918-596-5733 
Fairgrounds Expo Square, 918-744-1113 
Health Department, 918-582-9355 
Human Resources, 918-596-5085 
INCOG, 918-584-7526 
Information Technology, 918-596-5252 
Inspections, 918-596-5293
OSU Extension Office, 918-746-3700 
Parks, 918-596-5990
Sheriff's Office, 918-596-5601, sheriff@tcso.org
Social Services, 918-596-5560
TAEMA / Civil Defense, 918-596-9899