Oklahoma Businesses Find New Ways To Recognize 2020 Seniors

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 1:06 pm
By: Amy Avery

High school seniors all over the country are missing out on the last few months of their senior year but some Oklahoma businesses are finding a way to recognize those seniors for all their hard work.

Businesses in Bristow, Stroud, and Depew are just three Northeast Oklahoma towns finding a way to honor their seniors by posting photos like this in their windows. They say it's a small gesture but they want to do anything to support them during this time.

"I think everybody from one end of main street to the other supports these seniors and recognizes this is something that's taking away from them that they won't get back," said lawyer Albert Kelly of Vassar & Kelly.

Kelly has two photos of Bristow High School Seniors in the front window of his law office on Main Street. He says the school district is a big part of the town and he's happy to be one of the businesses supporting the graduating class..

"We have a great school system but if the businesses that are here don't support the seniors in what they're missing then its going to take away from what should be a great experience for them," said Kelly.

Samantha Ross owns From the Heart Fine Art and Photography in Bristow and says she found the idea to print the photos on a Photography Facebook Group. She says many photographers are charging seniors and parents to print their own photos but as a Mother of two seniors, she didn't want them to have to pay to miss out on anything else.

"One of my seniors was hoping to win state in speech and debate, the other was hoping to go to state in track and all of that was taken away from them so I felt like this was something we could do to honor those kids," said Ross.

Senior Brett Winter's photo is on Spirit Bank on Main Street. He says it's been an interesting final year of High School to say the least but says it's nice to have the community's support..

"With the banners and with the school keeping us, it just really feels like the community came together for us," said Winter.

Bristow and Depew are both still planning to hold in person graduations later this summer if all restrictions are lifted