Rogers County Deputies Arrest CA Rapper, Find 4 Pounds Of Marijuana

Thursday, May 7th 2020, 5:41 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Rogers County Deputies arrest a California rapper and his girlfriend with more than 4 pounds of marijuana and nearly $12,000 in cash.

Deputies said the arrest turned out to be anything but normal.

Deputies said J Diggs couldn’t believe they didn’t know who he was when they pulled him over, so he gave him a personal concert in the back seat of the patrol car the whole way to the jail.

“I’m kind of surprised because I thought this was a marijuana state but I’m going to figure it out,” said J Diggs.

I caught up with J Diggs just moments after he bonded out of jail and he took his arrest in stride, saying he’s in town to shoot a new music video.

“I travel. This is one of my areas. You all got a big fan base down here,” said J Diggs. “Tulsa Oklahoma, OKC, Kansas City, Missouri. All down here these are my spots. All I know is I was passing through, got pulled over, and stuck in jail behind marijuana.”

Deputies arrested Diggs and his girlfriend Deandrea Russell after finding four and a half pounds of marijuana and nearly $12,000 in cash in their car.

Diggs tells me he owns a CBD business in California.

“I could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle from the back bumper before I even said hello,” said Deputy Ron Walker with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Walker said when he did say hello, Diggs couldn’t believe Deputy Walker didn’t recognize Diggs.

“He kept telling me, ‘man I’m J Diggs, surely you’ve heard of me,’ and he was very disappointed I wasn’t familiar with him or his music,” said Walker.

Walker said Diggs is no stranger to law enforcement.

Records show Diggs spent 10 years in prison conspiracy to rob a bank, was arrested for attempted murder in Hawaii and has been arrested for having guns and drugs.

“Obviously it’s about impressive amount of viewers that have viewed that but I think it also show the fact that we don’t really care who you are or you know where you are going or what you are doing as long as it’s legal,” said Sheriff Scott Walton with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

Diggs said he didn’t enjoy his 24 stay in Rogers County but will never forget it and will most likely write a song about it.

“I got to. My music is basically my life, there’s definitely going to be a song about my visit to Rogers County,” said Diggs. “That’s one hell of a place bro.”

J Diggs said he still plans to shoot his new music video in Tulsa.