Kentucky Family Demands Answers After Healthcare Worker Killed In Police Raid

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 7:44 am
By: Rachel Roberts

A Kentucky family is demanding answers in the death of a front line healthcare worker, who was killed during a police raid two months ago this week.

Breonna Taylor's family is suing three Louisville police officers after the 26-year-old EMT was shot and killed in her home.

Officials say just after midnight on March 13th, police shot Taylor at least eight times, killing her in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

"Officers knocked on the door several times and announced their presence as police who were there with a search warrant. The officers forced entry and were immediately met by gunfire,” said Lt. Ted Eidem.

Louisville Metro Police say the officers were part of a narcotics investigation and opened fire after Walker shot first.

The lawsuit against the officers claims the suspect they were searching for was already in custody.

Taylor's family says the officers were wearing plain clothes and did not identify themselves.

They say Kenneth is a registered gun owner and was shooting at men he believed were breaking in.

He's now charged with first degree assault and attempted murder of a police officer.