Bristow Police Search For Person Who Abandoned Dog, Puppies At City Building

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 8:33 pm
By: Matt Rahn

BRISTOW, Okla. - Police in Bristow are asking for help finding a person they said dumped a dog and two puppies at a city building late Wednesday night.

Police said the dogs were dumped at the Bristow Public Works building, less than a mile from the police station.

Surveillance video makes it clear; someone drove up to the parking lot, let the dogs out, then took off.

"When I got there, I just saw them sitting on the side of the road," said Officer Tommy Mason.

Mason said a city employee noticed the dogs early Thursday morning and called the police.

“You can see a guy just stepping out of his vehicle and tossing them down and taking another one this other little dog hops out like it's so happy to play and he gets in his car and drives off," Mason said.

Luckily, it didn't take long for the puppies to steal the hearts of another officer and a dispatcher at the police station.

"The vet said about five weeks is about how old they are, so this one's Jax and the other one is I believe Lucy," Mason said.

The older looking dog in the video, however, hasn't been found. A sad outcome to a crime that could lead to animal abandonment charges.

"It should be a lot more severe in my opinion because these dogs don't deserve that, they don't deserve humans, we don't deserve these dogs."

Bristow Police are asking anyone who can identify the car or person in the video to give them a call.

Police said instead of dumping animals, you should explore other options like taking them to an animal shelter.