Uber Implements New Policies during Pandemic

Tuesday, May 19th 2020, 4:56 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

Uber and Uber Eats is now requiring all drivers, riders, and delivery drivers to wear a mask for the duration of their trip.

The rideshare company put the policies into place on Monday. When drivers log on and go online, they now must send a selfie while wearing their mask to confirm they are in compliance with the company’s wishes.

Riders must also show they’re wearing a mask. When they confirm their ride, a selfie prompt will pop up on their screen, asking them to take a picture.

If either party is not wearing a mask or decides to take off their mask during the ride, either party can request to cancel the ride without penalty.

Both driver and rider can also leave a bad review with an explanation on each other if they didn’t follow the rules during the ride.

Tulsa Uber driver Rob Renfro has been spending his weekends giving rides for four years. He says the coronavirus made business slow for about a month, but he’s ready to get back out there.

“Well for about four weeks I stopped because the demand wasn’t there, so it wasn’t worth it to go out driving, I’m going out this weekend though,” Renfro says.

Renfro says he’s been wearing a mask if his riders were wearing a mask, but now he will always be wearing one to make sure he follows the company rules.

“I want to accommodate the rider and also be compliant with the company and represent them well,” Renfro says.

Uber Eats is following similar rules with its delivery system. When drivers log on, they will take a mask selfie to show they are following the rules, and then they must keep it on while they are doing the delivery.

A news release on Uber’s website says these policies will go through at least June and then they will reevaluate from there. They are also asking drivers to make a habit of sanitizing their cars often and limiting their passenger counts to one less than full capacity.