Tulsa Apartment Complex Doesn't Pay Bills, Leaves Residents Without Water

Thursday, February 20th 2020, 3:17 pm
By: Erick Payne

The water is back on at a Tulsa apartment complex after the city shut it off yesterday for non-payment.

The owners of Ivy Place Apartments near I-244 and Garnett owed $23,000 in unpaid water bills but finally paid up last night.

Missouri leaders said the owners, T.E.H. Realty, are problem landlords. One U.S. Senator said the company is even under federal investigation for how they treat their residents.

The people living here at Ivy Place Apartments got an unwelcome surprise when Tulsa cut off their water.

"Look at everyone out here. What are you going to do? We can't flush, can't eat anything, and can't boil anything," resident Antonio Record said.

City crews provided a tank of water to residents.

Officials, like Tulsa's Utilities Systems Manager Steve Maggard, scrambled to figure out why the owners weren't paying their bill.

"No interest in making payment arrangements or anything else like that at this point?" Maggard asked the property manager.

"Not that I have heard, no. PSO was here just a little bit ago and shut off the power to the office, so we're sitting in the dark," the property manager replied.

170 families live at Ivy Place. They each pay for their own electricity, but the apartment owners pay for water and sewage.

"So, when we cut them off, that's when it's going to start getting real," Maggard asked.

"Yes, and maybe that's what they need to make payments," the property manager said.

Records in the Tulsa County Assessor's Office said Ivy Place is owned by KTTO2-PICKWICK LLC. Records link that company to T.E.H Realty, which has complexes in Kansas City and St. Louis. In those cities the company is well known for owing tens of thousands of dollars in water and trash bills.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley said they're under federal investigation by Housing and Urban Development.

"I stand by my characterization of this landlord is a classic deadbeat landlord," Hawley said.

The residents here at Ivy Place have their water back now, but many, including the property manager, don't know what the owner plans to do.

"I'm in the dark just like you are," the property manager told Maggard.

We called the owners and complex, but just got busy tones. Their website has been scrubbed. Now, it says "get ready, something really cool is coming soon."

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