Businesses On Oklahoma Lakes Booming Despite Pandemic

Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 8:57 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

Businesses on Oklahoma lakes said business is booming in the era of social distancing.

With everything happening in the world, one marina owner in Green Country said people are taking their families to the water to escape while still being able to socially distance. 

"I wish we could say, 'Oh, it is because we have a brand-new marina, so we are unique.' No. You are seeing this pretty much everywhere," said Keystone Harbor Owner Ron Howell. "Once the pandemic really got upon us, we started seeing more and more phone calls to come out because people can social distance and they can do it on their boat." 

Employees at the marina said this is one of the busiest summers they have had. They said their weekend boat rentals are booked into August, and they have rented out campers until the end of July. If you are looking to rent a boat, you might have a better chance during the week.

"We have been stressed, just like everybody else and we just need a little time to relax and just get away," said Monte Keigley. 

Howell said he is seeing Oklahoma families rush to the water, get on their boats and leave any worries they might have, on the shoreline.

"They want to be outdoors. We have all known that stress is really reduced when you're on the water," said Howell.