Community Comes Together To 'Back The Blue' In Tulsa

Saturday, July 11th 2020, 9:54 am
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Okla. -

More than 100 people came out Saturday to "Back The Blue" Saturday at LaFortune Park. Attendees were encouraged to walk or ride a bike along the outside of the park in support of law enforcement.

The crowd carried flags with blue lines and signs of encouragement proudly for several miles.

Event organizer Kara Railey with the nonprofit "Back The Blue" said she was tired of watching people be hateful towards police officers, so she wanted to do something about it.

Railey began organizing the "Back The Blue" march.

“There’s a lot of negativity around law enforcement right now and we just want to give them positivity,” Railey said.

The group came together to show its support for two Tulsa police officers who were shot two weeks ago. Railey said the event had been in the works before the TPD officers were shot.

Fredie Huffman, the speaker who said the prayer before the event, said he wishes people would see that police aren’t the enemy.

“These individuals are laying down their lives for the community to make America what it is, so I encourage them to realize they aren’t the enemy," Huffman said. "They are their friends.”

Former police officer Will Harrell said the lack of respect for those willing to protect you with their life is disheartening to watch, but a march like Saturday encourages him.

Harrell said the only thing most officers want is to come home to their families safe at the end of the day.

“It makes me feel good," Harrell said. "The best feeling In the world is seeing everyone wearing blue and backing our law enforcement."

The feeling of unity is what many of the marchers said they want to hold on to and spread, in hopes more of Tulsa and the country will also join the cause.

Railey said if you would like to be a part of future events or to find out more on how to support police, go to