More Than 100 Tulsa Dogs Flown To Their Fur-Ever Homes

Saturday, July 18th 2020, 5:28 pm
By: Brooke Griffin

Tulsa -

More than 100 dogs from various Tulsa shelters were packed into a plane Saturday morning and shipped off to their fur-ever home in Detroit Michigan.

This mission was made possible by the Wings of Rescue team and the Humane Society of Tulsa.

The groups loaded 123 dogs into a cargo plane to send to Michigan where they will be adopted within just a few days.

Wings of Rescue flies dogs all over the country to relocate them to where they are not only wanted, but needed. Many northern states have such a high demand for pets that there is a waiting list at many of their shelters. That isn’t the case in Oklahoma, so Saturday that flight took off right in Tulsa.

Wings of Rescue President Ric Browde says these pets will go from unwanted to loved in as little as 24 hours once they land.

“Oklahoma has such a poor record on spay neuter that there are dogs coming out of your ears here,” Browde says. “Shelters are always being overcrowded and overrun with pets.”

Gina Gardner with the Humane Society of Tulsa says this flight program is the best thing that could ever happen to these pets because many of them have been unloved their entire life.

“It’s super exciting, we have dogs that have been in the shelter for months that are getting on this plane and in the next week they will have a forever family, that’s an amazing feeling for us,” Gardner says.

Gardner says they were able to completely empty some shelters, like the one in Glenpool, for this flight. Gardner wants to remind people that although that was a victory, there are still hundreds of dogs in the Tulsa area that need to be adopted.

“These 123 get to go to Michigan to find their homes, but the shelters here in green country are still full of amazing dogs that need a home, so if you have ever wanted a dog now is the time to come pick one out,” Gardner says.

The groups over the project say they often refer to these flights as “freedom flights” because they are a way to get the pets out of shelters and into families.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to either of the organizations, you can click the links below:

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Humane Society of Tulsa