Bartlesville Public Schools Teachers Prepare For Virtual Learning

Thursday, July 30th 2020, 6:24 pm
By: Austin Hernandez


Teachers in the Bartlesville school district have spent a lot of time this summer learning how they’re going to teach students virtually.

They understand it’s an adjustment for everyone but finding ways to make it work is what matters.

Lori Martin is a math teacher and girls basketball coach at Bartlesville High school. She said the district is providing training for anything a teacher may need, which gives them a sense of comfort. Google Meet, Canvas and Jam Board are all applications they’re using to help teach the upcoming semester.

“As soon as we found out that we were going to be distance learning, I received a touchscreen Chrome book which was awesome for teaching online and then also we had training. We were able to access mobile mind which allowed us several trainings that we could do on our own,” said Martin.

Amanda Daniels teaches at Hoover elementary. She’s doing daily check-ins over the summer and said this gives a better outlook on where her students are emotionally.

Daniels said, “That’s a lot that we need to be thinking about right now with the kids. Them being out of school, brick and mortar since March, it affects you mentally.”

Martin also taught summer classes which has given her a better understanding on how to adjust. She said it’s about being flexible.

"That helps train them for the real world, right, because you have to be flexible in the real world,” said Martin.

Daniels said she’s looking forward to the day she and her students are back in the classroom.

“Ready to see our students, ready to greet them everyday and let them know that they are loved and they have truly been missed," said Daniels.

Classes for Bartlesville begin on August 13.