TU’s Reggie Robinson Stays Hungry Preparing For NFL With Dallas Cowboys

Thursday, July 30th 2020, 10:09 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

TULSA, Okla. -

A lot has changed since Tulsa's Reggie Robinson heard his name called by the Dallas Cowboys in late April.

Robinson might even see time in his first season in the starting lineup. One thing is for sure, the Texas native is becoming more like a lion out on the field.

Robinson, a rookie Dallas Cowboys cornerback said, "mostly it’s been meetings, working out and just chilling really."

With no OTA's, no rookie mini-camps, life for players getting ready to start their NFL careers has looked very different this year, but the former TU player Robinson said that challenge is preparing him for the upcoming season.

"It makes you come in more prepared, like right now I have to make sure I'm on the playbook because I need to know the playbook to be out there. That’s one of the most important things,” Robinson said.

The days of a physical playbook are gone, but Robinson has already written a novel in notes, both digitally and with his number 2 pencil.

"The notes I've been taking have been stacking up besides the iPad and my actual written notes, it’s stacking up,” Robinson said.

Robinson finished his career at TU with 94 tackles, 21 pass breakups and a forced fumble in 33 games.

A lesson from cornerbacks’ coach Aaron Fletcher guides him as he begins his NFL career.

"What does a lion do after he eats? He gets full and goes to sleep. Basically, it’s like, don't get content, always be hungry for stuff,” Robinson said.  “Right now, I know I made it to the level, one way or another I’m going to be on the field this season."