National Poll Shows More Parents Are Considering Homeschooling During Pandemic

Friday, July 31st 2020, 6:43 pm
By: News On 6, William Blanchette

TULSA, Okla. -

A recent poll shows that parents are considering homeschooling or a virtual online school rather than sending them back to a classroom

“I don’t think this COVID thing will be going away anytime soon,” Taylor said.

Art teacher, Scott Taylor said the pandemic has forced him to change his business model.

Since March, Taylor has been offering paid virtual art classes to parents who are homeschooling their kids.

“A lot of first-time homeschoolers,” Taylor said.

According to a poll by Real Clear Opinion Research, 40% of families are more likely to have their kids do homeschooling or virtual school.

Jillian Marina plans to homeschool her two sons for the first time in a couple of weeks. Marina said she will use Taylor’s art class as a way for her kids to socialize.

Marina said her worries about COVID are bigger than just her kids getting sick.

“More so the fear of what the pandemic will have on the school system itself,” Marina said.

Marina said she plans to homeschool for at least a year.

“I think they’ll be able to do a lot of things that they weren’t able to do with school, like having personalized help,” Marina said.

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