Tulsa Family Hopes Woman’s Arrest For Arson Sets Her On Right Track

Tuesday, August 18th 2020, 6:10 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

A Tulsa family is desperate to get help for their daughter who is addicted to drugs and now in jail, accused of setting her apartment on fire.

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Cassia Anderson's parents said they were always afraid something like this would happen, after watching their daughter battle drug addiction for the last 11 years. They said they’ve finally been able to sleep well the last two nights, knowing their daughter is in jail.

"It's like our daughter is lost or kidnapped somewhere,” said Juana Gomez, Cassia’s mother. “It is agonizing, and you can't scream at them, shake them, there's nothing you can do.”  

Anderson was arrested Sunday after police said she set her apartment on fire, at the Sierra Pointe apartments, putting four people in danger.

Her parents said years of drug addiction to meth, heroin and pills have done this.

"When they said drugs destroy a world, a family, that's lightly taken. It rips,” said Juana. “It's like a vicious bear in the wilderness when they attack a person.”  

Cassia’s father, Tom, said he battled his own drug addiction growing up but has now been sober for decades. He said what hurts him the most, is driving past Cassia's apartment every day, wondering if she is still alive.

"After a while of consuming it and needing it, your body becomes addicted to where you cannot live without it,” said Tom Gomez.

Cassia has four children, but her parents have custody of them now. Juana said it breaks her heart to see the kids living without their mother.

"They look at the good memories and said why? What happened? As a child looking at it, how does somebody pick drugs over me? That's when it hurts,” said Juana.

Tom and Juana said they are desperate for help for their daughter but want to be a voice for everyone else out there who is dealing with this.

"Is there something for these people that get so addicted, that they lose their lives,” said Gomez. “You've got the mentally ill locked up, you've got people with disabilities getting care, but what about the mentally ill that is caused by drugs?”

Cassia's parents said they are terrified she will get out of jail and be back on the streets. They hope now that she's accused of a crime, she'll finally get the help she needs.