Cascia Hall Returns To The Classroom With Hybrid Schedule, Safety Measures

Thursday, August 20th 2020, 6:27 am
By: Brooke Griffin


Cascia Hall preparatory school is beginning their fall semester.

Cascia Hall students are returning to class Thursday, but on a new hybrid schedule and with safety measures in place.

Cascia Hall is welcoming half of their students back this morning and the other half tomorrow as they begin to navigate going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

New students and the first half of students will arrive Thursday morning to music and a small welcoming committee.

they will have to wear a mask during the school day and frequent hand washing and sanitizing is encouraged.

Social distancing is also being implemented in common areas throughout the school.

Father Phillip Cook said they feel confident in their return to school plans. 

“We have all these protocols in place based upon our research, based upon consultation, and various authorities in order to be able to start school on Thursday as safely as we possibly can,” said Cook.

Father cook said a few families did choose to do the distance-learning option, and those students will begin school Thursday as well.