Deputies Identify Mother Involved In Creek County Death Investigation

Thursday, August 20th 2020, 1:35 pm
By: Mallory Thomas


Investigators said Thursday they still have questions after Rhiannon Gagnon and her two daughters were found dead inside their home near Mannford.

Deputies said they are not looking for a suspect, but are speaking with family members hoping to get answers. 

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The Mannford community is shaken up after a mother and her two daughters were found dead inside their home. 

“What if this had been my family? It easily could have been. This is a small town everybody really knows each other… what happened?" said Mataya Pawllsai.

Chief Deputy of Creek County Fred Clark said that's what deputies, OSBI, and the medical examiners office are trying to determine. 

“A lot of times it is just someone that day, for whatever reason that day something triggers something inside them or whatever the case is," Clark said. "That’s very possible this could have been we just don’t know yet."

A family member found Rhiannon Gagnon and her daughters. Deputies are waiting on the medial examiner's office to determine the cause of death for all three. 

“Were any of these individuals acting differently in the last few days, in the last few weeks? Were there any signs there, any clues that somebody just didn’t pick up on, which happens a lot," said Clark. “We just want to make sure and look at every angle. If you ever jump to a conclusion on something like this you’re going to be wrong.”

Deputies are working to find out why this happened. 

“I don’t know that we ever will come up with a reason that this terrible tragedy occurred," said Clark. 

Deputies are not releasing the names of the two girls because they are under 18. Mannford Public Schools said they are offering grief counseling for their students.