Bicycles Meant For Club Stolen From Sand Springs Elementary School

Friday, August 21st 2020, 6:24 pm
By: Matt Rahn


When students at an elementary school in Sand Springs return to class next week, they may be disappointed to learn something they love is gone.

Northwoods Fine Arts Academy said someone stole bicycles from a shed on the property.

The bikes were for the Bike Club of Tulsa, a program for 5th graders at the school to learn how to ride. Principal Laura Hamilton said thieves stole the bikes Thursday night, but they took more than just bicycles.

“It's the kids, it's going to be the disappointment when we tell the kiddos that we potentially don't have enough bikes when their year is already going to look so different," Hamilton said.

She said 6 bikes were taken from the shed that was ripped apart by the thieves. But what's worse? This isn't the first time bikes were stolen.

"During the Spring Quarantine, they broke the lock, and stole some bikes then," Hamilton said.

She kept the rest of them inside the school until just three days ago when she took them back outside.

"I didn't think it would happen again and I didn't realize it would happen so quick after putting them back out in the shed," Hamilton said.

She has no idea who took the bikes, or even if it was the same person. Todd Enzbrenner with Sand Springs Police said they have some grainy surveillance video, but that's it.

"I think it's because that area is so secluded, you know, it's very possible that it could be the same people or it could be just anybody that's looking to make a quick buck off of somebody else's property," he said.

No matter who took the bikes, Hamilton said she just wants them back.

"A lot of our kiddos don't even own a bike,” Hamilton said. “This is a huge opportunity for them that is kind of stolen from them.”