22 Young Entrepreneurs To Be Featured At 'Kids Vendors' Event In Tulsa

Saturday, August 22nd 2020, 9:16 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

More than twenty young entrepreneurs showcased their business products at Jay’s Lemonade Stand’s first-ever Kids Vendors Event at O’Brien Park on Saturday. Proud parents said this event also shows a promising future. Young trailblazers spent their weekend selling everything from homemade lemonade to handcrafted paintings, and even a secret sauce. Parents at the event said these kids have big aspirations and actions that speak louder than words.

"We decided that we wanted to have more kids involved,” said Janea Tottress, mom of Jayden with Jay’s Lemonade Stand. “Give them something to do this summer or even while school is down if they have homeschool."

She said she not only wants to give them something to do but teach them to do good. A portion of Jay's Lemonade Stand's profits is donated to the Tulsa Day Center.

"I just have a broken heart when I see too many people on the streets," said Jayden Williams, kid owner of Jay’s Lemonade Stand.

Ciji Jones is the mom of Janiylah Walters, Founder of Puffalicious Popcorn. Jones believes we need to mold these young minds and encourage learning that goes beyond the textbook.

"We have to measure things out,” said Jones. “You have to know what goes with what. and you know, it's a procedure you have to go through."

"Independent, we're learning how to be independent,” Walters said.

The mother of Joplin and Harper Keidel hopes her daughters' cooking and education show "Jops Chops" will be a lesson learned for all.

"We are trying in ‘Jops Chops’ episodes to incorporate or promote a black-owned business or a black entrepreneur,” Comfort Keidel said.

"There was a whole bunch of stuff just going on and stuff was just there, so why not talk about it,” Joplin said.

Tottress tells News On 6 she can't wait to welcome more kids to next year’s event.