Oklahoma Joe’s St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs

Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 9:39 am
By: News On 6

Oklahoma Joe's shares a recipe for St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs.


2 Slabs Pork of St Louis Style Ribs

7 oz bottle of Oklahoma Joe’s Rib Rub

20 ounce bottle of Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Sauce


·      Preheat your Oklahoma Joe Smoker to 275-300 degrees using charcoal, mesquite and pecan chunks, or use blended wood pellets in your Oklahoma Joe Pellet Grill.

·      Peel membrane from backside of ribs

·      Apply Rub liberally to both sides of ribs

·      Place ribs on cooking grates away from fire

·      Cook at 275-300 degrees for 2 hours then

·      Wrap ribs in heavy-duty foil and continue cooking for 1 additional hour

·      Take ribs from grill and remove foil

·      Baste with BBQ sauce and sear over hot coals until sauce has caramelized

·      Slice and serve

Serves 6-8.

Best served with Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Beans, Spicy BBQ Cole Slaw and Potato Salad