Bixby Woman Arrested For Suspected Medical Child Abuse

Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 6:19 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

A Bixby woman turned herself into the Tulsa County Jail Tuesday after an arrest warrant was issued for her on Monday for child abuse.

The affidavit said the father of Debra Billingsly's child told investigators he was concerned about the child because Billingsly took the child to 72 doctors’ visits at 21 different doctors, all before the child was three years old.

Documents said the father was concerned the child was being abused in the form of "Medical Child Abuse."

Documents said the little girl's father doesn't believe she had most of the medical issues Billingsly said she had.

The affidavit said in 2016, when the child was two, Billingsly told doctors the little girl had tonsillitis and ear infections. It said, based off Billingsly's false medical history of the child, doctors recommended surgery for her. It said father stepped in stopped the surgery.

Investigators interviewed a doctor who is an OU professor and an expert in child abuse cases.

The affidavit said the doctor reviewed the child's medical records and called this a case of "Medical Child Abuse."

You can read the full statement from Billingsly’s Attorney:

“We were disappointed to learn that the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office filed unfounded charges against Ms. Debra Billingsly. Debra is a single mother, living paycheck to paycheck. She has very little. It is well documented that Ms. Billingsly has been involved in a high conflict custody case since 2016 and has had to liquidate her personal assets to fight for her child. Apparently, the government’s lawyers have decided to tip the balance in that civil matter in favor of Ms. Billingsly’s opposition. It appears the welfare of the child involved has become secondary to seeking revenge against Ms. Billingsly. We are also aware that Ms. Billingsly’s well-funded opposition in the underlying custody case has been lobbying the Tulsa County District Attorney for many months. This alone creates concerns and causes one to wonder about the appropriateness of the prosecution. As always, these matters are intended to be resolved on the merits and in a court of law. Based on the law and undeniable and established facts, we are certain that this case will be resolved in Debra’s favor.”

You can read the full statement from the father's attorney:

"Mr. Ward and the entire family want to thank the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office for advocating for the victims of Münchausen syndrome; the children that have no voice."
"It is our hope that between the criminal justice process and the federal lawsuit that has been filed, that the community will become more aware of this mental health condition and the warning signs."