Man Charged With Shooting, Killing Tulsa Police Officer To Stand Trial

Wednesday, September 2nd 2020, 5:18 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter


A Tulsa Judge has ordered the man charged with killing a Tulsa Police officer and shooting another officer during a traffic stop, to stand trial.

Four witnesses testified and the judge watched both the body cam and dash cam videos before ruling there is enough evidence for David Ware to be tried for murder.

Today was the first time Ware was in a courtroom since his arrest. His attorney says he expected today's decision, but insists the videos need be released to the public because he believes it shows the whole truth.

The first officer on the scene testified he found both Sergeant Craig Johnson and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds. He says Officer Zarkeshan was able to give officers access to his computer, so they could watch his body cam footage and see who shot the officers. Ware was arrested hours later at a house less than two miles from where the shooting happened. Ware's attorney says the videos needs to be released.

He says the information in the initial affidavit was wrong When it said Ware stood over an officer and shot him. Police corrected the mistake the same day. The judge ruled the videos will remain sealed.

"They are trying to paint Mr. Ware in as bad of a light as they can possibly paint,” said Kevin Adams, Ware’s attorney. “I just want the truth to come out. This isn't a who done it, its a what is it. its a why did it happen, what was his intent when it happened?"

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler says Adams is not a witness in this case and shouldn’t act like it. Kunzweiler says he and his team are going to their job in the courtroom, not in front of the media. 

"For me to be putting my spin on what that's going to be or Mr. Adams putting his spin on what he thinks that is going to be is just improper. This isn’t the forum for talking about what the facts are. It should be in a courtroom with a judge making rulings to determine what’s admissible and what's not,” said Kunzweiler.

Ware's suspected getaway driver, Matthew Hall, decided to give up his right to a preliminary hearing.

His attorney agrees with prosecutors, the video should not be released at this time.