Collinsville Kids’ Friendship Begins With Unexpected Act Of Kindness

Tuesday, September 8th 2020, 5:28 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy


A couple of Collinsville parents are sharing the story of how their sons became friends in hopes of encouraging others to be kind.

Friendships can start out in unexpected ways.

"He is in my fourth hour and I heard him crying," said Collinsville 7th grader Ky Cunningham.

Ky and Alex's friendship did.

"I had to sit by myself at lunch, my friends weren't in the same period as me,” said Collinsville 8th grader Alex Foster.

Alex's first day if school was rough. His mom said he was inconsolable and was so upset that she had to pick him up early from school.

"As the mom of a special needs child, all we want, we want what every mom wants and that is for their kid to fit in and to be accepted and to be supported," said Alex’s mom Jenny Foster.

Heartbroken, Jenny posted a message on Facebook, asking for kindness and acceptance for her son.

"I know it was a weird day just everyone kind of robotic because it is the first day of school and the COVID environment," said Jenny.

Ky Cunningham saw the post that night and quietly, without telling anyone, made a decision.

"If all of us could go there and sit, it would make him happy and make his day," said Ky.

They joined Alex the next day.

“I could see it in his face that he was having a good time," said Ky.

The good times continued the next day and the next day after that. Every day since then, Alex, Ky, and a couple of Ky’s friends sit together at lunch.

"I was just like, thank you Jesus,” said Ky’s dad Ben Cunningham.  “We teach them to treat others the way you would want to be treated. I was overwhelmed that my son did that and other kids did that too.”

Overwhelmed by kindness, Jenny posted on Facebook again thanking the students who made friends with her son. The story spread like wildfire. Members of the community started writing to Jenny, wanting to gift Alex free sports lessons.

"Be kind, every kid deserves friendship and acceptance,” Jenny said. “Teach your kids kindness, that different kid, take them under your wing, be friends with them, you never know, he could be most awesome friend you have ever made.”  

"We are all moved by the simple act itself but you can see how fast social media spread it and you can see that just one act of random kindness can just change things and set a wildfire," said Ky’s mom Heather Cunningham.

Alex's 14th birthday is September 22 and his mom is asking people to send him birthday cards. If you would like to send a card:

Alex Foster

8703 Owasso Expressway Ste.R #105

Owasso, OK 74055