Oklahoma Task Force 1 Trains Endlessly To Aid In Emergencies

Thursday, September 17th 2020, 5:32 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

The men and women who make up Oklahoma Task Force 1 are in Florida right now helping with emergency calls following Hurricane Sally.

The team members said they train their entire careers to be able to help in situations like this.

“Talking to Pensacola, when we arrive it is going to be a water operation,” said Terry Sivadon with Oklahoma Task Force 1.

A team of 35 men and women from Oklahoma Task Force 1 are helping the state of Florida respond to emergencies in the wake of Hurricane Sally. The crew left town on Monday for Louisiana then moved further south to help residents in Florida.

“We brought all of our Urban Search and Rescue equipment in case there are damaged structures so we can do breaching, breaking, lifting, moving,” Sivadon said. “We brought our Search K9s in case we have to look for people in downed structures. We also brought our swift water equipment. We brought 5 boats.”  

The crew trains endlessly to be able to help during these kinds of emergencies, like the ones so many people are facing after Hurricane Sally.

“It is just the way we are geared,” Sivadon said. “We have trained for this our whole career. We train every year for it. We are excited to help. It is a good feeling to help someone in need.”