3 Cowboy Takeaways: Cowboys Capitalize In, Yes, Lawrence With A Dominant Performance

Saturday, October 3rd 2020, 6:21 pm
By: Kristin Wells


On the road in Lawrence, a place usually notorious for handing a victory to those that visit, the Cowboys capitalized.

Going into the game, there might have been a fun matchup in the running game with running backs with Chuba Hubbard and Pooka Williams Jr. for the Jayhawks. Hubbard and the offense were able to make a statement, complemented by a stellar performance from the defense.

Regardless of opponent, this was a game with solid performances and efficiency on both sides of the ball. The Cowboys had 593 yards with 0 turnovers and held Kansas to 193 yards and just one score.

First Takeaway: Again, Another Story Of Defense?

Okay, yes, we all know it’s the Jayhawks, but the de came to play.

The Cowboys were clean, they were efficient and made the plays they needed to make. Regardless of opponent, this is the way the defense should play.

By the third quarter, OSU had four touchdowns - more touchdowns that KU had first downs. The defense held KU to a punt, forced a turnover or got the ball on downs on every drive but one.

For a team expected to deliver with high-caliber offense, the defense has made sure their mark is left as well.  

Second Takeaway: Chuba Hubbard v. The Entire KU Defense

Between Chuba Hubbard and Pooka Williams Jr for the Jayhawks, this game had two incredible running backs on either side.

Chase Glorfield tweet

Williams had no supporting offense. For Hubbard, the Cowboy offense was not only supporting but went out pistons firing. The true freshman Illingworth got his second start of the season with Sanders still out and made it worthwhile. Junior Ethan Bullock entered the game in the third quarter for Illingworth, because, let’s face it, the Cowboys weren’t hurting for points.

Hubbard had 109 rushing yards for 17 carries in just the first half and finished the game with a total of 145 yards.

In addition to the 47 point scored, for something good on the offense front, #71 played in his first D1 game with the Cowboys, a player that was formerly in a wheelchair.

Third Takeaway: Social Distancing Apparently Applies On The Field As Well

Wallace kept his six feet distance from the defense, only worried about catching beautiful passes from Illingworth.

Illingworth sent a bullet over the top of the Jayhawk defense to a wide-open Wallace as he waltzed into the endzone.

Wide-open spaces never looked so good. I have on good authority that the fans in the stands maintained their social distancing guidelines (see below).

OSU at KU Football

Image Provided By: Joshua Wells

Wallace was really focused on his social distancing. 

Hey, if this is one of the side effects from COVID-19 on the college football season, this I’ll take.

Header photo from OSU Cowboy Football.