Will Rogers Looks To Playoffs With Winning Combo Of Football & ‘Food Truck’

Thursday, November 12th 2020, 10:44 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

TULSA, Okla. -

Will Rogers is back in the playoffs for the first time since 2006. It might be because every team gets in this year, or maybe it’s because of a quality diet.

Will Rogers might have just one win entering the playoffs, but the Ropers are not lacking motivation.

The Ropers drew a tough draw and will face Pryor a team that has just two loses. Will Rogers feels they are up for the challenge.

“Really excited about the prospect of playing a team that’s Pryor who is an athletic, spread it out throw it around type of team, which I think we match up pretty well with that,” Will Rogers Head Coach Parker Childers said.

To be a good lineman, you have to have strength and the ability to move people just like you might move a fork.

Enter Deivon Elliott-Willis, the man the Ropers call “Food Truck.”

"Food sticks that’s basically what it came from and they stuck the term with the big vehicle, going you’re a lineman,” nose tackle Elliot-Willis said.

"He feeds the coaches, we will go over and order some food and he sometimes gives us the hook up every once in a while,” said Childers.  “He has delicious food it’s insanely good food."

So, if Will Rogers can pull off the upset against the Tigers Friday night, Food Truck will be doing his thing at Alpha Grills’ kitchen.

"If we get a victory, I'm going all out,” Eilliott-Willis said. “I’m probably going to throw some ribs on the grill, throw some chicken there and get the team together and go to our coaches house, and have a little pool party."

Wait, did you say pool party in November?

"You have to do what you got to do to celebrate,” Elliot-Willis said.

You celebrate outside pool or inside pool?

"In and out,” Elliot-Willis said. “Little coldness don't hurt."

You can find the barbecue on Alpha Grill BBQ website here.