Bell At Cherokee Co. Courthouse Celebrates Beginnings For Newly-Adopted Children

Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 5:34 pm


Attorneys in Tahlequah are making sure children adopted into new families get to celebrate at the courthouse.

It took about six months and help from several people, but now a new bell is standing tall in front of the courthouse.

Kalan Lloyd and her husband Grant Lloyd are attorneys in Tahlequah. Their work with kids and adoptions goes back years and some of those stories have stuck with them all this time. It didn't take long for this couple to notice COVID-19 has not only impacted daily life but also the celebrations these families deserve.

“I know that a lot of times the kids will get to do the gavel, but I don't think they are getting to do that given COVID," said Kalan.

Kalan and Grant decided a bell might be the perfect addition to the courthouse and started meeting with county commissioners and the city to make it happen.

"All the attorneys in town donated to pay for the labor and to pay for the bill itself," said Kalan.

Six months later and here stands the Permanency Bell.

"When children return home, when children get adopted: that is the purpose of it. They achieve legal permanency through this," said Lesley Nix with DHS.

A man in town, who also has a heart for adoption, created a special latch so the bell only rings to celebrate adoptions, weddings and moments kids get to go back to their homes.

"For kids, I think that is impactful and meaningful to say it is this whole community backing you in this decision," said Grant.