Oklahoma National Guardsmen ‘Overwhelmed With Excitement’ To Aid Vaccine Delivery

Tuesday, December 15th 2020, 7:57 pm

The Oklahoma National Guard is working to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine is getting to every corner of the state. After weeks of planning, the Oklahoma National Guard hit the road with the ultra-cold, precious cargo on board.  

"This morning everything went well, as good as planned,” Oklahoma Army National Guard Capt. Aaron Worley said.  

Capt. Worley oversaw Tuesday’s mission, which involved guardsmen driving the Pfizer vaccine from a hospital in Oklahoma City, to three other locations: one facility in Oklahoma City, one in Enid and another in Woodward. 

Worley said the facilities were other hospitals or local health departments and deferred to the state health department for information about exactly how many doses were delivered. 

He described the moment when everyone involved saw the vaccine in person for the first time.   

"The soldiers in there, and the nurses and myself were just overwhelmed with the excitement,” Worley said.  

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol escorted the guardsmen for their trips, spending hours on the road to be on standby in case a vehicle broke down, or for any security issues. 

The Oklahoma National Guard said more guardsmen will hit the road Wednesday, delivering the vaccine to four more locations around the state. Another mission is scheduled for Thursday and the National Guard said they are prepared to go out any day of the week, for as long as needed.