Tulsa’s Coffee Bunker Honors Veteran Battling Cancer

Wednesday, December 16th 2020, 9:23 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

An Oklahoma veteran fighting cancer is getting a boost of spirit thanks to a veterans’ group. To honor and encourage the veteran, Tulsa’s Coffee Bunker gave him a special reminder right in his front yard.

Military veteran Worley Holmes knows a thing or two about perseverance. He is still recovering from having tumors in his throat and tongue, but the Coffee Bunker planted a special reminder in his front yard they hope will encourage him to keep moving forward.

Holmes spent 23 years with both the Army and Navy. He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Dr. Michael Horton, the executive director of the Coffee Bunker, said Holmes has been with the Bunker since it first opened 10 years ago.

He said after all that time, they wanted to repay him with something that will lift Holmes' spirit. 

"He's one of our guys you know," Horton said. "We try to take care of veterans at whatever situation that they're in and delighted to bring our folks out here to do this for Worley."

The Coffee Bunker is a nonprofit that helps veterans’ transition to civilian life. Holmes has helped countless previously incarcerated veterans get their lives back on track after serving their sentences.

"He's the guy that comes along and picks him up and instills his enthusiasm, his hope into them, and we've seen him do that over and over and over again," Horton said. 

Holmes just finished seven weeks of chemotherapy. The cancer in his throat and mouth is still making it hard for him to speak. He said he plans to visit his doctor next week to see if the tumors are small enough to be removed.

Until then, Holmes said he will enjoy looking at the flag through his window every day. He hopes he's not the only one that looks at the flag and is inspired to keep fighting.

 "Spark somebody that makes somebody else feel good," Holmes said. "Makes somebody else feel more patriotic or make somebody feel like joining something with the United States in some type of form whether that's military or just helping out people."