Armed With Big Dreams, Muskogee Woman Stays Dialed In At Chili Bowl

Thursday, January 14th 2021, 10:40 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Muskogee native Kaylee Bryson has shown that she can keep up with the best of them on the track.

Bryson finished 7th in the Power-I national points last season. However, what keeps her dialed in behind the wheel might surprise you.

This is Bryson's third year racing at the Chili Bowl, this time she is a member of one of the best teams, Keith Kunz Motor Sports, which has won eight golden drillers. She's using their knowledge to keep her dreams intact for a big career on the track.

"My goal is to get some wins and maybe a championship. I want to go with Toyota, you know they are a great team, great organization and I want to go all the way up to asphalt and just see what I can do from there,” Bryson said.

Growing up in Oklahoma has given Bryson the chance to see firsthand other talented drivers like Christopher Bell, someone she has followed for her whole career.

 “He grew up in the same track that I grew up at so I’m kind of in his footsteps. I think that is super awesome just seeing him to be able to make it and do what he loves and gives me hope and opportunities do what I love as well,” Bryson said.

What separates her from the other competition is her mind when is not out on the dirt track, she is on the golf course which has allowed her to stay focused behind the wheel.

“It helps me slowdown in racing and concentrate and focus on what I'm doing,” Bryson said.

From picking up birdies to flipping up dirt, Bryson is showing that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

“I absolutely love golf, I absolutely love racing and at the same time, I will bring my clubs with me in the motor home, anywhere we are going racing,” Bryson said.