New Art Installation Created By Tulsans For Tulsans: ‘A Celebration Of Us’

Friday, January 15th 2021, 5:36 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

From this Martin Luther King Jr. Day through April, families will be able to see a brand-new art exhibit at Gathering Place called “Love and Harmony.” It was created by Tulsans for Tulsans.

"This is wild," said artist and creator of "Golden Reciprocal" Alexander Tamahn as he looked at the installation. 

Tamahn and News On 6’s Sawyer Buccy walked into the Gathering Place around the same time on Friday.

"I am a little overwhelmed, I am not going to lie," said Alexander.

It was his first time seeing the Love and Harmony art installation completed, seeing the art he worked so long and hard on, hanging on the wall, part of the language of this space.

"We are all just trying to figure things out and the only way I think we can successfully do that, is by relying on each other, and showing up for each other and this is effectively me showing up for the City of Tulsa," said Tamahn. "This is such a celebration of us, as a community."

Every photograph you see on the wall is a Tulsan.

"This is ‘Love and Harmony,’ an art installation the Gathering Place has wanted to do for some time. There is no better time than now with what is happening nationally and all over," said Gathering Place Executive Director Tony Moore. 

Every piece of art you see, was created by a Tulsan.

"The other mural came together from four different cultural, ethnic groups," said Moore.

The team interviewed Tulsa families and brought all those pieces together for the community to see.

"I don't think we have enough love for each other and for God," said 106-year-old Lessie Benningfield Randle also known as "Mother Randle." 

"It was important for us that we represented the cultural mix of what Tulsa represents," said Moore. "When you walk out of here, we are hoping that as citizens, as Tulsans, as Americans, we will feel compelled to have our own expression of love and harmony. It starts with our family, but it should extend beyond that."

You can find more from the artist here on his Instagram page and find out more about visiting the Gathering Place here.