Green Country Restaurants Serve It Forward For First Responders, Military Members

Wednesday, January 13th 2021, 5:39 pm

Small businesses and restaurants across Green Country are giving free meals and services to members of the military, first responders and law enforcement.

It’s part of the Pay it Forward for Heroes campaign.

"Can I get a pulled pork sandwich?” asked a member of law enforcement to an employee at Luke’s BBQ in Broken Arrow. 

"Okay, you are paid for,” the employee responded. 

There are spots in Green Country that make food you just can't get anywhere else.

“Keeping it old school and keeping it fresh with a high-quality meat keeping the heart in the art of BBQ. I cook with all wood fire,” said Luke's BBQ Luke Tramel. 

Those are spots like Luke's BBQ and Dixie's Cafe in Coweta.

"Food is good, homemade,” said a customer who comes to the cafe four days a week. 

"Family, food, faith- that is what we are all about,” said Dixie's Cafe Dixie Olson. 

These are two of nine restaurants and multiple small businesses who are part of the Pay It Forward For Heroes Campaign.

"I come from a big military background. My son is a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps right now, so I just hope where he is that there is somebody letting him know 'Hey we appreciate what you are doing,’" said organizer Chris Leffingwell. 

Leffingwell was inspired by another business to start a fund the community can donate to, so businesses can give free meals and services to police officers, fire fighters and military men and women.

"Just drop off $5, $10, and let's just say, ‘thank you,’” said Leffingwell. 

It has not only meant the world to people who get the free meals, but it has meant the world to the businesses serving them.

"One of the reasons I wanted to work here is because I wanted to work in my community and it just reaffirms how incredible this community is,” said Deputy Jake Casey. 

“To be able to come along side of them even in the smallest ways," said Tramel. 

"We have a heart of gratitude. That we are thankful. That we are honored to serve them,” said Olson. 

Since July, Luke's BBQ alone has served more than 1,000 first responders and service members.

"This is not a business venture, this is not a for profit thing,” said Leffingwell. 

It is a kindness thing.

If you’d like to donate or get your business involved, visit the website here.